Nadja Götze started her career in Moscow where she lerned painting at  the Art Academy Moscow before she moved to Austria where she studied architecture at the academy of fine arts in Vienna and  won her first two architecture prizes. After graduating she worked as a stage design assistant at the renown Burgtheater Vienna.  Shortly after she successfully finished her studies at the Filmacademy of Baden-Württemberg in 2016, she was awarded twice for "Best Art Direction" at the New York Festival and Young Ones ADC.  

Filmography as Production Designer


THE MAN WITH A COIN                          Director: Christian Schilling                                 Directorof Photography: Tim Weskamp

TEARS IN HEAVEN  - in post-production -        Director: Bernd Faass                                   Directorof Photography: Markus Gebhart

ALLIANZ                                                       Director: Gabriel Borgetto                            Directorof Photography: Markus Gebhart

DALÌ - LE RUSTIQUE                                         Director: David Gesslbauer                           Directorof Photography: Markus Gebhart

AMERICAN APPAREL                                       Director: Dimitri Tsvetkov                           Directorof Photography: Chris McKissick  


CATHARSIS    - in post production -           Director: Sascha Vredenburg                       Directorof Photography: Martin L. Ludwig

QUEEN OF OASIS                                                Director: Lynn Oona Baur                                     Directorof Photography: Philip Matousek

ALBTRAUF                                                    Director: Bernd Faass                                       Directorof Photography: Markus Gebhart

POST-WAR ROMANCE                                Director of Photography: Dennis Mill

LOST SON                                                        Director of Photography: Anne Bolick



2018 New York Festival  "Best Art Direction"  Project Mentos

2018 Young Ones ADC "Best Art Direction"   Project Mentos

2013  Pfann-Ohmann Preis                        Architecture project "Rem Koolhaas" 

2010   Pfann-Ohmann Preis                      Architecture project "The Flamingo"

2006   Ilmenauer-Mediapreis                                Short Film "Versunken in weißen Tränen"



2013-2016 Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg  post-graduate study in Production Design,           Prof. Silke Buhr                                                 Diploma as Production Designer

2009-2013Academy of Fine Arts Vienna      Bachelor of Architecture


German (native)
English (fluent) 
Russian (conversant)


Other positions in film productions

Art Director

JUGEND OHNE GOTT                              Director: Alain Gsponer                                     Directorof Photography: Frank Lamm        Production Design: Erwin Prib

JONATHAN                                                      Director: Piotr J. Lewandowski                     Directorof Photography: Jeremy Rouse       Production Design: Erwin Prib


Art Director Assistance

HAVEN: ABOVE SKY                                 - shoting -                                      Director: Tim Fehlbaum                     Directorof Photography: Markus Förderer  Production Design: Julian Wagner

GRÜNER WIRD´S NICHT                                  Director: Florian Gallenberger                    Directorof Photography: Daniela Knapp   Production Design: Erwin Prib


Production Desgin Assistance

WEST OF LIBERTY   - in production -      Director: Barbara Eder                                 Directorof Photography: Carl Sundberg     Production Design: Erwin Prib

ABGESCHNITTEN Director: Christian Alvart                           Directorof Photography: Jakub Bejnarowicz         Production Design: Thomas Stammer

DIE AUSERWÄHLTEN                                     Director: Christoph Röhl                                 Directorof Photography: Peter Steuger       Production Design: Erwin Prib


Assistant Stage Designer    

HYSTERIKON by Ingrid Lausund               premiere 11.1.2011, Vestibül, Burgtheater Vienna Stage Director: Peter Rafalt                                Stage-Designer: Vincent Mesnaritsch

EINE MITTSOMMERNACHTS-SEX-KOMÖDIE  by Woody Allen                          premiere 31.12.2011, Burgtheater Vienna          Stage Director: Matthias Hartmann                   Stage-Designer: Stéphane Laimé

YELLOW MOON by David Greig premiere: 6.5.2012, Vestibül, Burgtheater Vienna Stage Director: Peter Rafalt                                Stage-Designer: Vincent Mesnaritsch

DIE FLEDERMAUS (Raubkopie) by Peter Raffalt nach J. Strauß               premiere: 6.5.2012, Vestibül, Burgtheater Vienna Stage Director: Peter Rafalt                                Stage-Designer: Vincent Mesnaritsch

ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Model-Making, Studiosets, drawing and painting

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